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It Pays to be Loyal

The LifeVantage Loyalty Program helps Distributors and Preferred Customers get the products they need, pay less, and earn reward points in the process.

Start Saving Money Immediately

If you aren’t receiving your LifeVantage products by subscription order (Subscription), you should be! It’s the quickest way to save money on your order. You see, at LifeVantage we believe loyalty should be rewarded… immediately. So all customers who place a subscription order will receive that order at wholesale pricing.

Loyalty Program (For Distributors & Preferred Customers)


Earning Points

When you join the LifeVantage Loyalty Program, you can earn points on all your subscription orders and every time you share. You get the products you need. And now when you do, you reap extra rewards.

Active Loyalty

Your account will continue to accrue points monthly as long as you do not have two months without a subscription in a five month period, at which time your point total will return to zero.

Extra Points

To get you started quickly and show our loyalty, we will give 100 Loyalty points to any new enrollee once you’ve successfully purchased your first subscription order (sorry, these points are not eligible to be doubled).
As long as you do not have two months without a subscription in a five month period, you will be automatically enrolled in Point Doubler Months during your first year. These are an amazing way to quickly build your points, and the more points you have in your loyalty account, the more points there are to double. Your points won’t expire as long as you remain a monthly product subscriber, and you can redeem them at any point after your fourth successful monthly subscription.


Customer Referral Program (For Preferred Customers Only)

Earn More Points for Sharing

As a Preferred Customer, you can earn even more points! Just by spreading the word and personally enrolling any new Preferred or Retail Customer. Your referral points become available as soon as you’ve enrolled two new customers in 6 months.

Earn 60 points every time your new customer places an enrollment order for $40 or more.

You can earn a maximum of 120 points— or two new customers—a month.

Once your points are available you have 12 months to redeem them or they expire.


Redeem Points (For Distributors and Preferred Customers)

Product Description Protandim Loyalty Points Needed
Protandim Nrf2 30 Count 120
Protandim NRF1 60 Count 120
Protandim Duo Pack 90 Count 240
Protandim Sample 10 Pack 90
Protandim Duo Sample 10 Pack 45
Product Description Petandim Loyalty Points Needed
Petandim For Dogs 30 Count 75
Product Description Axio Loyalty Points Needed
AXIO Green Grape 30 Count 150
AXIO Decaf Red Raspberry 30 Count 150
AXIO Decaf Grapefruit 30 Count 150
AXIO Sour Cherry 30 Count 150
AXIO Dragon Fruit 30 Count 150
Product Description Physiq Loyalty Points Needed
PhysIQ Cleanse 28 Capsules 36
PhysIQ Probio Immune 90 Count 90
PhysIQ Fat Burn 120 Capsules 105
PhysIQ Protein 30 Servings 135
Product Description Truescience Loyalty Points Needed
TrueScience Beauty System 390
TrueScience Facial Cleanser 60ml 69
TrueScience Perfecting Lotion 100ml 96
TrueScience Eye Serum 15ml 108
TrueScience Facial Cream 50ml 195

Download Loyalty Rewards PDF

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